Diabetes mellitus type 2 with dyslipidemia is a common disease. Previous studies suggest that Aloe vera L. leaf gel may positively affect the blood glucose and lipid levels in dyslipidemic type 2 diabetic patients. Thus, in this randomized double-blind placebo-controlled clinical trial with hyperlipidemic (hypercholesterolemic and/or hypertriglyceridemic) type 2 diabetic patients aged 40 to 60 years not using other anti-hyperlipidemic agents and resistant to daily intake of two 5 mg glyburide tablets and two 500 mg metformin tablets, the efficacy and safety of taking aloe gel (one 300 mg capsule every 12 hours for 2 months) combined with the aforementioned drugs in treatment of 30 patients were evaluated and compared with the placebo group (n = 30). The aloe gel lowered the fasting blood glucose, HbA1c, total cholesterol, and LDL levels significantly (p = 0.036, p = 0.036, p = 0.006, and p = 0.004, respectively) without any significant effects on the other blood lipid levels and liver/kidney function tests (p > 0.05) compared with the placebo at the endpoint. No adverse effects were reported. The results suggest that aloe gel may be a safe anti-hyperglycemic and anti-hyper cholesterolemic agent for hyperlipidemic type 2 diabetic patients.

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Source: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22198821