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Decaffeinated Oolong Loose

(20 customer reviews)

$15.95 or $14.36 / month

Organic Decaffeinated Oolong Loose Leaf Tea 3.5 oz

A delicious full-bodied caffeine free loose leaf oolong tea with a rich flavor & exceptional aroma. Our oolong tea is decaffeinated by exposing moistened tea leaves to pressurized carbon dioxide which acts as a solvent to remove the caffeine. Because nothing else is affected during the process, the tea retains its flavor and beneficial antioxidants.

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Fresh Packed. Delicious Oolong.

Organic Loose Leaf Oolong. Delicious Flavor.

Decaf Oolong Tea is semi-fermented and contains all the benefits of green tea, but does not have its grassy taste or the tannins present in black tea. The very brief fermentation process also creates the subtle fragrances and flavors that distinguish this tea from all other varieties.

Decaffeinated Oolong tea is a semi-oxidized tea that is commonly brewed either light or strong. Traditionally enjoyed after meals to aid in digestion, this tea brews a hint of bitterness that imparts a sweet and pleasant aftertaste. This oolong tea is decaffeinated by exposing moistened tea leaves to pressurized carbon dioxide which acts as a solvent to remove the caffeine. Because nothing else is affected during the process, the tea retains its flavor and beneficial antioxidants.

Our innovative supply chain model ensures you get the freshest cup of tea and our farmers get a better price for their produce.

Brew Color: Amber orange – Flavor Profile: Smoky, woodsy, and nutty notes and flavors with a delicate toasty finish.

Usually when a tea is decaffeinated it loses some of its flavor. However that is not the case with our decaf oolong tea. A time tested method is used when decaffeinating our oolong teas so that all the aromatic flavor profiles stay within the tea. Decaf oolong tea is one of the best teas for those wishing to immerse themselves in tea culture and great taste without the caffeine.

How to Brew

Boil fresh spring water in a clean kettle. Preheat your mug or a teapot by pouring hot water in and out. This tea can be brewed 2-3 times, increasing the brew time for each additional brew.

Water Temp
185° - 205°

Brewing Time
3-4 minutes depending on how strong you like your tea.

1-2 teaspoons per 5-7 ounces of water.

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Decaffeination removes about 97% or more of the caffeine in our loose leaf tea. The same is true for coffee.

yes, we sell decaffeinated oolong tea bags as well. Please search our website

All teas contain high levels of antioxidants that offer a range of health benefits. Research shows that the nutrients in oolong tea have stronger antioxidant and antimutagenic effects than green or black varieties.

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Product Reviews

20 reviews for Decaffeinated Oolong Loose

  1. Vicki

    Enjoying a cup as I write this. Excellent flavor, nice and smooth. Decaf is a huge point I am very sensitive to caffeine and I can drink this without problems.

  2. Mike

    Excellent taste for a decaf.

  3. M A

    I’m a huge fan of these loose teas nowadays. This one is full of flavor. Smells great, too!

  4. Lauren Leger

    This tea was very good. I was able to use my reusable tea bags for this product. I was happy to not have to use the bags regular tea comes in. The only “issue” i have is the amount of money for this product. I like tea, but idk if it is worth the price. But to each it’s own.

  5. Canyon Girl

    I’ve been searching for a natural Oolong tea because of it’s health benefits, and I loved the quality of this tea, so I gave it a try. It tastes sweet and toasty and not bitter at all. My entire family loves it. even my kids! Hot or iced, you can’t go wrong. A great addition to your daily health routine.

  6. Tracey Brown

    I like this product. I have been drinking teas as a replacement of sodas. This one is good. I like the flavor and taste.

  7. Ivory

    The tea was very fresh when I opened it. I purchase loose tea and herbs a lot from different sellers. This is a quality tea I must say. The smell is great and the flavor is great also. No bitterness that can sometimes happen.

  8. tobewiser

    If you are an oolong fan that does not want caffeine, you have to give this tea a try. A bit pricey but it’s as flavorful as oolong gets. I’m a long time Chinese tea fan and oolong and pu-erh teas are my favorites because of their aroma and smoothness to the palate along with the long term health benefits (no matter how slight). Caffeine is a problem to me, esp. in pu-erh. The decaf oolong is just perfect without the ill effect of over stimulation. I’ve had $400/pound oolong from famous tea houses in China, this oolong is just as good and without the caffeine. A must try for any Chinese tea lover!

  9. MF

    Wow! I’m a huge fan of oolong tea since my first time trying monkey picked oolong from a different tea producer. I was pleasantly surprised when this Oolong Loose Leaf Tea arrived. The leaves are the perfect size so that they steep just the right amount into the water and the taste is out of this world. Sometimes oolong can steep for less than a minute and depending on the brand it can be very bitter and not pleasing. This Oolong Loose Leaf Tea on the other hand is delectable. It has just the right amount of oolong tea flavor! I love that it comes in a decaf version because I can drink it late at night or before bed and not effect my sleep (caffeine often does that to me). The smell is great too. I’ve only tried it hot and cold but I’m planning on using it to make tea cup cakes over the weekend. I definitely recommend this to any tea lover. Try it, you will not be disappointed. I’ll be keeping it stocked at my home!

  10. M. Hill

    This organic decaffeinated oolong tea is semi-fermented and has a delicious flavor with a slightly roasted taste. It is decaffeinated using pressurized carbon dioxide which is considered one of the safest method and also most successfully preserves the flavor and antioxidants. One teaspoon was sufficient for brewing an 8 ounce cup and I let it steep for 5 minutes. To estimate shelf-life, the Best By date on the re-sealable pouch is two years in the future, but dates will vary. Excellent.

  11. Margaret P.

    This is a decent quality oolong tea and I wouldn’t have guessed that it is decaffeinated. The leaves unfurl to produce a delicately-colored and -flavored brew with some mild earthy and smoky notes. However, no information is provided about the source or grade.

    That brings the value into question because the package holds just 100 g or 3.5 oz. It seems that some teas sold on Amazon are emphasizing an estimated number of cups they one might be able to brew from a packet of tea as a way to hide the outrageous prices on a per pound basis. Yes, decaf teas are much more expensive than the corresponding plain teas and yes, my local tea shop has fine quality oolongs that sell for much more, but this is not a Fair Trade tea from an identified estate or even a particular grade, for that matter. The country of origin is not stated, so I presume that it is from mainland China because the oolongs from Taiwan are generally more highly valued and probably would be identified as Formosa tea.

  12. CoolCustomer

    Best tasting, smoky flavor ever. I bought a stainless steel strainer just for this tea and couldn’t be more pleased.

  13. TONI

    It has a excellent flavor

  14. Monique Ramey

    Great tea. I had a hard time finding a decaf Oolong tea and I found this one. Perfect for afternoon tea and no caffeine to keep me up all night.

  15. Furngirl

    Hubby has been getting pots of tea in a Chinese restaurant in Atlantic City for a few years now. He loved it so much that he finally asked what type of tea he was drinking. It was Oolong. Since he might want the tea in the evening, he asked me to find decaffeinated for him. No easy task. But this company offered it and we decided to try it. Since it’s loose tea, he uses a refillable K-cup and makes it that way. The ancestors would roll over in they graves. He usually makes at least two cups with each fill and says it tastes just like what he gets in the restaurant. I’m very happy that I found this for him. We will be purchasing again.

  16. Mango kim

    Flavorful for oolong esp decaf
    Would buy again

  17. richb

    I fill my tea ball and use it easily for two to three evenings.

  18. alegria rosa

    This the best and delicious tea. We love it and enjoy it every afternoon.

  19. T. Riggs

    I like to always have some decaf on hand for guests and this looked like a good pick.

  20. R.C.

    I will definitely be purchasing this again – great flavor for a decaf tea, and able to be brewed a second time (it does make a very light tea the second time). As decaf oolongs are extremely hard to find, this one is a keeper!

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