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Shoreline Tea

(6 customer reviews)

$17.95 or $16.16 / month

Cushla Digitata Seaweed Tea Blend 3oz

Our shoreline Digitata Seaweed Tea blend brings you an amalgamation of Maine’s coastal fragrant paradise; an aromatic feeling of walking the paths along the edges and cliffs of Maine’s coast. Wild raspberries, ocean rose bushes and digitata help to elicit this uniquely satisfying experience.

When used properly seaweed will work like a single note vibrating softly in the background. It is not overpowering but instead supports the flavor profile.

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What Your Body Needs

Essential Vitamins & Minerals

Where the sea meets the land is a special and unique place. As you walk along Maine’s coast you are greeted by a variety of fragrances, edible plants and berries. Our shoreline blend brings you an amalgamation of this fragrant paradise; an aromatic feeling of walking the paths along the edges and cliffs of Maine’s coast. Wild raspberries, ocean rose bushes and digitata help to elicit this uniquely satisfying experience. We are sure you will love our Our Digitata Seaweed Tea Blend!

About our digitata (laminaria digitata) It is deep growing, it prefers turbulent water, and it is a self preserver. This plant dries strong and dark, and it has a natural sweet smell. All our Ocean Blend teas use seaweed wild-harvested from Maine’s coastal waters. Laminaria digitata contains abundant vitamins, minerals, and trace elements, making it an excellent food product. These include calcium, potassium, iodine, iron, carotene, protein, alginic acid, laminaran, mannitol, niacin, phosphorus, the B complex vitamins and vitamin C.

Roses are one of the oldest flowers in the world, and have been referenced in literature, music, and art for centuries. They’re beloved by gardeners as a hardy, long-lasting plant. Rose petals are also high in phytonutrients, plant compounds with antioxidant properties. They are also a great source for Vitamin C, Iron, Calcium, Vitamin A and Vitamin E.

They provide potassium, essential to heart function and useful to the rest of your body. Packed with omega-3 fatty acids, one cup of raspberries provides 8 grams of fiber, far more than most fruits in the produce aisle. They also contain a mineral called manganese, which is necessary for healthy bones and skin and great for the blood.

Drinking black tea is an excellent option if you are looking for an alternative of coffee or energy drinks. Black tea is not only a non-sweetened or less-calorie drink but also provides several health benefits as it contains powerful groups of polyphenols including epigallocatechin gallate, theaflavins, thearubigins, an amino acid L-theanine, and several other catechins or flavonoids.

How to Brew

Boil fresh spring water in a clean kettle. Preheat your mug or a teapot by pouring hot water in and out. This tea can be brewed 2-3 times, increasing the brew time for each additional brew.

Water Temp
185° - 205°

Brewing Time
3-4 minutes depending on how strong you like your tea.

1-2 teaspoons per 5-7 ounces of water.

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sea kelp, black tea, raspberry, rose petals

just the trace minerals that are naturally present in sea kelp

Not manufactured with yeast, wheat, gluten, soy, milk, egg or tree nut ingredients. Produced in a GMP facility that processes other ingredients containing these allergens.

Allergen Info: may contain, shellfish or other crustaceans

All of our ingredients are GMO-free.

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Product Reviews

6 reviews for Shoreline Tea

  1. Gnemik

    I like the statements regarding the ingredients and company. The information about the sea plants is intriguing. Yes, reading about their blend enticed me to try the product. But, the real worth/proof of this loose tea product is the taste. It could have all the vitamins, minerals and healthful benefits, but if it’s not palatable, it means very little.

    So, followed their directions and prepared what we consider a typical batch of tea, which would provide enough for about 4 – 6 servings (depending on the size cup). (Spoiler warning: this tea tastes very good.) Sipping a cup of hot tea, there is a very pleasant raspberry flavor. If you search, you might sense a bit of rose scent. There is a very slight, odd sweetness. Also, there’s an odd taste on the back of the tongue, which I assume is from the sea plant ingredients. I don’t add anything to my tea. Sometimes she will add almond milk and stevia, which she did with her cup of hot tea. She said she likes it. I tasted her version, and it was actually tastier than my pure tea (this is not always the case, so i give credit to this tea). Part of the reason I made more than 2 cups worth: it’s the summer, and I make enough tea to put some in the fridge to make iced tea. Based on our initial tests, I think this will be just as enjoyable as an iced tea.

    We’re very familiar with loose tea, and there is a zen aspect to the process of crafting and consuming the tea. But, whether you’re pursuing a ceremonial, philosophical approach or just want to enjoy a pleasant tea beverage, the key is the taste. In that regard, this product meets that expectation. Accordingly, it earns a 4.5 – 4.75 star rating, with a high level recommendation.

  2. Danielle

    I have to say I was surprised by the taste. It was very good. I like that the tea comes loose in the bag and all you get the option of how much you want to use. The health benefits on top of the taste make this tea a great choice. Add some lemon and enjoy!!

  3. Ladyfingers

    Shoreline tea took me by surprise—I ordered it for seaweed health benefits, but didn’t realize just how good the tea would actually taste. What a nice combination of flavors—raspberry black tea is the predominant flavor with a subtle hint of roses. I’m not sure how digitata (dark brown seaweed) should taste, but it’s clearly visible as a dried component in the fragrant blend. This tea is packed with healthy benefits, but has a smooth, delicious flavor—I like drinking a cup after dinner.

  4. Jennifer

    So this tea has sea vegetables in it! I’m really impressed with the nutrition and the flavor of this tea. It’s delicate in flavor, with both a light fruit and an unexpected savory flavor coming through. There are minimal ingredients: just the raspberry black tea, ocean rose petals, and digitata. The sea vegetable adds trace minerals that are essential for the human body and very healthy. There are clear instructions for brewing the perfect cup of this tea on the package, and the tea tastes so good! Highly recommend.

  5. Cassie

    I was a bit hesitant over the seaweed but it is great! nice flavor and good health benefits.

  6. John

    I buy this because of the trace minerals that seaweeds provide. This tea taste delicious and I’m going to give some as gifts.

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